Three Excellent Films in Three Days: Summer Cinema

And they keep on coming. The best films from festivals like Sundance and Cannes have been dropping into theaters these last few months – and definitely catching fire from critics and audiences.

*Side-note: MoviePass is still doing wonders for me so all the haters can keep hating. They showed the film industry that the people of this country will FLOCK to the movies. Theaters aren’t going anywhere.

Jordana Spiro’s Night Comes On, Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman Crystal Moselle’s Skate Kitchen are distinct films directed by three visionary and uncompromising directors. Their films weren’t made for the purpose of plot or mindless entertainment, but for the people and voices that are hidden, misunderstood, silenced. Cinema has the ability and capability to be a tool to provoke awareness, discussion, debates, and hopefully action.


Jordana Spiro’s Night Comes On 

In Select Theaters & On Demand via Samuel Goldwyn Films

Fun Fact via The New York Times: The actress Jordana Spiro directed Night Comes On and wrote the script with Angelica Nwandu, a spoken-word poet, and creator of the incisive gossip website The Shade Room. Ms. Nwandu is also a former client of the foster care system. The result of their partnership is a film that balances penetrating clarity with compassion.



Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman

In Theaters Everywhere via Focus Features



Crystal Moselle’s Skate Kitchen

In Select Theaters via Magnolia Pictures

Fun Fact: Based around a real-life Lower Manhattan all-girl skateboard posse. They star in the film.


Thanks for reading & go to the movies!
Written by Eden Sapir

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