Real Talk: Channing Tatum kills it in ‘FOXCATCHER’




Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher is all anyone could talk about following its standing ovation at the 2014 Festival de Cannes this past summer. Bennett Miller took home the Best Director prize at this prestigious film festival and Steve Carrell became one of the first candidates for Oscar buzz. I finally saw the movie a couple weeks ago and was more than satisfied. Foxcatcher is a bleak, raw and devastating portrait of American wealth and patriotism. Miller’s Cannes win seems justified after seeing his seamless direction with the actors and juxtaposing images of the landscapes which inhabit the Du Pont territory; it evokes an eerie world. I was dramatically and visually intrigued by every frame of this film. Steve Carrell does some great, disturbing work here as John du Pont, the tragically insane, multimillionaire sponsor/leader of Team Foxcatcher- the training site for brother wrestlers Mark and Dave Schultz. Carell and Mark Ruffalo (Dave Schultz) are getting a number of awards nominations, which are very much deserved. However, it is Channing Tatum’s Mark Schultz that is the heart and soul of this film.

I’ve never seen Tatum this good. He plays Mark so well, from the way he walks or even the way he reacts to people talking to him, he is visually illustrating a character before our eyes that is far different than we’ve come to expect from this actor. There is a scene in the film which has been teased in the trailers with Tatum smashing his head in a mirror that is so astounding to watch that I still get chills thinking about. Channing Tatum physically and mentally embodies this character, showing depths that make us care about him and the story as a whole. This is a type of performance that deserves Best Actor consideration but unfortunately is being overshadowed by his two co-stars, which is a shame. The movie wouldn’t work without Tatum’s Mark, he literally carries the whole movie on his shoulders. The movie begins and ends with Mr. Tatum; I remember him when thinking back about this powerful film.

This is a career best performance for Channing Tatum and I want him to get the recognition he deserves.

**For your Consideration**

BEST ACTOR-Channing Tatum

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