A24: A Brand and Business Changing The Game

In just a year and a half, the new indie film distribution company A24 has made a distinctive mark in the film industry. Most notably last years’ SPRING BREAKERS and THE BLING RING earned a well deserved profit. These films attracted audiences that normally wouldn’t see a film by the art-house cinema king Harmony Korine but they did because of A24’s genius marketing.

I am so committed to this company and I hope to work there soon after college. A24’s vision is so clear to me: to mainstream art-house/independent films…to show people that an independent film like OBVIOUS CHILD can be just as funny if not more as the big-budgeted romantic comedies that are playing at the multiplexes.
I feel passion from A24, that bite I got about eight years ago is what I feel every time I see A24 promoting their new film. It’s been noted by many people that the majority of American film audiences go to the movies for mindless entertainment-which I’ve found through research to be quite accurate. This is not to say that big-budgeted studio films can’t be original and creative, blockbusters like GODZILLA and NOAH prove that they can; it’s just a little rare to see  from a big studio. But what if a movie can give them that exciting entertainment with interesting, intelligent, modern and original ideas and characters? The way A24 marketed SPRING BREAKERS and The BLING RING is a perfect example of advertising for the mass public, specifically through social media. People who saw the trailers for those two films were probably in the younger demographic and unless they’re up to date in Sophia Coppola and Harmony Korine films, they were lured by the two Disney stars behaving badly in Korine’s film and Emma Watson snarling “I wanna rob,” in Coppola’s film. When actually watching those films, these aspects become a minor part of the bigger picture.

Advertising and Marketing for an independent film is the key for their success in my opinion. Social Media has been a very helpful channel for A24 advertising. Everyone is on the internet using Facebook and Twitter, so I think it’s very smart how this innovative company uses modern means of communication to promote their films. This worked perfectly for SPRING BREAKERS and their Oscar campaign for James Franco’s killer performance as ‘Alien.’ Franco won numerous critics awards, just as much as the eventual Oscar winner for 2013, Jared Leto.
By using commercial tactics to promote not-so commercial films, it not only makes money for these creative filmmakers but it gives them a platform for their work to be unapologetically real, original and artistic. Two recent A24 films that I just saw are OBVIOUS CHILD and UNDER THE SKIN. These two films are currently among my top 3 films of the year. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as loud I did in a movie theater while seeing OBVIOUS CHILD. And UNDER THE SKIN…well has stayed under my skin for quite sometime now.

A24’s selection of films have been astonishing. I feel like all of their movies are connected in some artistic way, by showing portraits of people, their lives and the cultures that surround them. This company hasn’t even begun yet, I see such an incredible future for A24. They are changing the movie industry for the better.

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