You only like movies that get awards: Nah, You Cinematically Ignorant

No. You are ignorant and have clearly never read a book about film theory or anything on film for that matter. Solely reading articles online and basing your opinion on them means that you really don’t know what you are talking about. You can’t form your own opinion if you do that. A director or writer does not make a film to get awards, that is the most shallow way to analyze a film. I am not saying you can’t like or dislike a certain film-that is your choice. But do not discuss movies like you actually know what you are talking about if that’s how you critique films.

A studio that is making a film may produce it with their priorities being to get the film awards buzz. However, when a director or writer is the one initiating the development of a film their motivations are much deeper than making money or winning an Oscar for their lead actor. People who actually care about movies and are passionate about them, make them because they want to tell a story with characters that actually have meaningful goals. Films offer a portal for film buffs like myself to look into another world and feel something from the characters that we can relate to. That is what makes a film powerful and if that film gets a couple Oscars, well, then it was well deserved. Money and awards are not a priority to a filmmaker, the artistic relevance is what matters. Creating images and themes that stay wit you for days, weeks, or even years for whatever reasons is what filmmakers hope to achieve. I love cinema because I am able to experience another reality through the eyes of a person who loves films just as much as I do.

Below is a link to a TED talk from Andrew Stanton who wrote the screenplays for Toy Story and Finding Nemo. This is one of the most powerful speeches I have ever heard about films and their story. Stanton understands story and their emotional relevance. Please check it out.

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